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The Sproket Whats Up web part enables you to display the upcoming events such as birthdays, on your site.
When your page is in Edit mode, click the icon, search for “Sproket Whats Up”, and select the Sproket Whats Up web part from the results.


  • Select events based on departments or office locations
  • Calendar display
  • Select calendar lists
  • One click search of listed profiles


After you select the Sproket Whats Up web part, click the Configure Web Part button or icon on the menu on the left of the web part to open the Configuration section on the right. In this section, you can perform the following configurations:

  1. Configure following in the Display Options section:

    Field Description
    Show Title Click to enable title display of the web part.
    Show in Panel Click to enable display of items in panel.
    Show Sample Data Enable to display sample data on your site.
    Maximum number of items Enter the maximum number of items that you want to include on a page.
    Show Command Bar Click to enable See All button that directs you to the list of all items.
  2. Configure the following in the Birthdays section:

    Employee birthdays are displayed based on the Active Directory fields and ages are not displayed.

    Field Description
    Show Birthdays Enable to display birthdays.
    Department Filter Enter a department name to filter birthday with. In this field you can filter by “None”, “Current User Department”, or a department name (for example, “Accounts”, “Sales”).
    Office Filter Enter an office location to filter birthday with. In this field you can filter by “None”, “Current User Home Office”, or an office name (for example, “Adelaide”, “HQ”).
    Next X Days Filter Drag and set the number of days up to which you want to pick birthdays from calendar and display.
  3. In the Calendars section, enable Show Calendars to display calendars.
  4. In Source Calendar Lists section, perform the following to add a new calendar:

    Fields marked with red asterisks (*) are mandatory.

    1. Click Add button. The calendar related fields are displayed.
    2. Enter the logical name of the calendar list (found in list properties) in Calendar Name field.
    3. Enter the URL name of the calendar list (found in the URL slug) in the Calendar URL Name field.
    4. Enter an absolute URL to the site in the Site URL field.
    5. Enter a SharePoint REST API filter in the Filter field.
  5. Click Add button to add further calendars.
  6. Once all the required updates and configurations are performed, click Republish button to publish the page.


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