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Define Fields

By default, People Hub will display the following fields from the SharePoint User Profiles:

  • Profile Picture
  • Name
  • Title
  • Department
  • Office
  • Work Phone
  • Email

Additional fields can be added either from existing properties or by a custom property.

People Hub Overrides

Define fields

If the property already exists in the User Profile Properties we can use the overrides in the People Hub webpart to display these fields. In this example I want to bring through the ‘Mobile’ field. The below overrides are required to be added in the People Hub webpart settings under ‘Custom overrides’


        "userMap": "cellPhone",
        "sourceMap": "MobilePhone",
        "directoryDisplayOrder": 7
        "userMap": "Intercom",
        "sourceMap": "OWS_INTERCOM",
        "directoryDisplayOrder": 8
        "directoryDisplayOrder": false


label Custom Property Internal Name
userMap userPropMapping
sourceMap SearchResultKey
label Display Name in People Hub
directoryDisplayOrder Order it displays in Directory. Set to false to hide column
facetDisplayOrder Order it displays in facet filter in directory. Set to false to hide column
orgChartDisplayOrder Order it displays in Organisation Chart. Set to false to hide column

Inbuilt Fields

Below is a list of standard/inbuilt fields within Microsoft 365 you can access. You can also create your own fields within the User Profile Database and use SharePoint search properties.

Custom Property Internal Name userMap sourceMap
pictureUrl pictureUrl AccountName
profileUrl profileUrl OriginalPath
department department Department
office office officenumber
cellPhone cellPhone MobilePhone
email email WorkEmail
accountName accountName AccountName
manager manager Manager
lastName lastName LastName

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