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Image Carousel


The Sproket Image Carousel web part enables you to add multiple images and display them as cycling through, similar to a slideshow. Generally used as a page hero, each slide in this web part is clickable and can be associated to a target URL.
When your page is in Edit mode, click the icon, search for "Sproket Image Carousel", and select the Sproket Image Carousel web part from the results.

Image Carousel


  • Upload images into a SharePoint document library
  • Specify title and description which will be overlayed on mouse-over
  • Specify publish and expiry dates of each image
  • Define link of where the user should be taken when they click the image
  • Open link in new tab or in the same window
  • Unlimited amount of rotating items
  • Reference a document library in another site collection
  • Use within 'Full-Content' section


After you select the Sproket Image Carousel web part, click the Configure Web Part button or icon on the menu on the left of the web part to open the Configuration section on the right. In this section, you can perform the following configurations:

  1. On page 1, configure the following in the Display Options section:

    Show TitleClick to enable title display of the web part.
    Show in PanelClick to enable display of items in panel.
    Maximum number of itemsEnter the maximum number of items that you want to include on a page.
    Delay between each image scroll (in milliseconds)Enter the delay you want to set between each image appearing, one after the other.
    Height of an imageEnter the height of an image in pixels.
    Open Gallery in New TabEnable to open the image gallery in a new browser tab.
  2. Click Next to navigate to page 2. On this page, configure the following in the Query Options section.

    Fields marked with red asterisks (*) are mandatory. {}

    Site URLClick the drop-down list and select a source site.
    Web URLClick the drop-down list and select a source web.
    List TitleClick the drop-down list and select a source list.
  3. Once all the required updates and configurations are performed, click Republish button to publish the page.


1. How many images can I upload to the Sproket Image Carousel web part?
As of now, there is NO LIMIT set for the number of images that you can add to the gallery. However, as an admin, you can preset the maximum allowed number in the Maximum number of items field.

2. What is dimension range of the images?
There is no set range. The width is specified dynamically by page design and device, however you can specify the desired height range. The default height is 400px.

3. What is the permitted file size?
As per SharePoint specifications, however Sproket would advise to use lower image resolutions where possible to reduce page load time.

4. Which image types are allowed in the gallery?
Any image-related file, such as .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .tiff, .gif