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The Sproket Buttons web part enables you to create custom action buttons and direct your end users to related resources or external websites.
When your page is in Edit mode, click the icon, search for "Sproket Buttons", and select the Sproket Buttons web part from the results.



  • Allows multiple buttons within one web part
  • Specify icon for each button
  • Allow Primary or Secondary colour
  • Specify alignment
  • Use query strings and page properties within your button hyperlinks


After you select the Sproket Buttons web part, click the Configure Web Part button or icon on the menu on the left of the web part to open the Configuration section on the right. In this section, you can perform the following configurations:

  1. Click Horizontal Layout on/off button to toggle between horizontal/vertical layouts of buttons.

  2. From the Align drop-down list, select one of the following options:

    • Left
    • Center
    • Right
  3. In the Links section, click Add button. Fields of a new button are displayed. Enter the following details:


    Fields marked with red asterisks (*) are mandatory.

    LabelEnter the button label.
    URLEnter the button URL. Note: Ensure that you include http:// or https:// or / at the start of your URL. To use the query string, add [PageQueryString:Parameter] to the 'Value' text box of each filter. You can also use the current URL with [CurrentPageUrl].
    Open in new tabSelect the check box adjacent to this field to open the button target in a new tab.
    Button TypeSelect the button display type as Default or Primary.
    IconClick the drop-down list and select an icon to display on the button.

    You can optionally sort the button display order on your page, using or icons.

  4. Once all the required updates and configurations are performed, click Republish button to publish the page.


1. What is the advantage of using Sproket Buttons over SharePoint's in-built button?
Sproket Buttons enable you to add multiple buttons from the convenient UI of the web part. Using SharePoint's in-built button, you can only add a single button.