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App Launcher


The Sproket App Launcher web part allows you to display relevant/frequently used online applications or websites. You are also provided with the option to personalise the displayed apps.
This web part allows system administrators to define a list of links/apps. These apps can then be set as mandatory or optional.
When your page is in Edit mode, click the icon, search for "Sproket App Launcher", and select the Sproket App Launcher web part from the results.

App Launcher


  • Centralised list of applications for easy launch of other business applications
  • Option to personalise the apps
  • Prevents removal of Mandatory Apps
  • Data is stored in a document library for easy management
  • Use within 'Full-Content' section


After you select the Sproket App Launcher web part, click the Configure Web Part button or icon on the menu on the left of the web part to open the Configuration section on the right. In this section, you can perform the following configurations:

  1. On page 1, configure the following in the Display Options section:

    Show TitleClick to enable title display of the web part.
    Show in PanelClick to enable display of items in panel.
    Show Sample DataClick to enable display of sample data.
  2. Click Next to navigate to page 2. On this page, configure the following in the Query Options section.

    All these fields are mandatory. {}

    Site URLClick the drop-down list and select a source site.
    Web URLClick the drop-down list and select a source web.
    List TitleClick the drop-down list and select a source list. Ensure that you select a source on which apps can be added.

    After you select a Source List, click Add Apps on the web part to add apps. You can create more apps from the connected list.
    To create a new app, perform the following:

    1. From the Sproket App Launcher web part, click Go to List to navigate to the list.
    2. Use Upload option or drag and drop the required icon to the list.
    3. Select the new icon, click three dots next to the Copy to option, and select Properties.
    4. Enter the following details:
    NameEnter a name for the app.
    TitleEnter a title for the app.
    TargetEnter the target URL.
    Alternative TextEnter the alternate text to be displayed on mouse-over.
    MandatoryEnable to mark the app as mandatory.
    Open In New WindowEnable to open the app in a new window.
    Sort OrderEnter the order in which the app should be displayed. For example, enter 2 to display this app as the second item in the Sproket App Launcher web part.
  3. Once all the required updates and configurations are performed, click Republish button to publish the page.


1. Where do I find the App Launcher library to upload images?
You can find the App Launcher library via the settings wheel in the top right hand corner and then in the Site Contents. You can also edit the page the App Launcher web part has been added to and via the 'Go To List' option in the edit mode of the page.

2. Is there a specific size the images should be?
The App Launcher will re size the image for you and display it in the dedicated space. We recommend uploading square or circle icons vs rectangle as they will appear smaller and harder to read. Example icon size could be 25 x 25 pixels.

3. How do I change an icon so it appears by default for all users?
To ensure a specific icon/website displays for all users without them needing to manually add it to their app launcher, you can navigate to the App Launcher library select the item you want and then click on the 'details' pane (info icon) located in the grey command bar, and change 'Mandatory' to 'Yes'.