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Resetting Your Sproket Licenses

Sproket licenses are consumed by every unique user who loads a Sproket web part. Occasionally, a user may receive an error as below:

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Note: If all employees are suddenly receiving the above error, there may be another cause of the issue. Ensure you have a valid Sproket subscription and contact

A common example of this occurring is due to employees leaving and starting at a company. Each employee at a company is assigned a unique Sproket license. If that employee leaves the company, the unique Sproket license is still “assigned” to them although they are no longer an active user. When a new employee starts, they are also assigned a unique Sproket license. This can occasionally result in the number of licenses in the Sproket license pool being exceeded. This can be resolved by resetting the Sproket license pool count.

:::CAUTION Note: Only Admins of the Sproket Portal can complete the following steps. Please contact Sproket at if you require assistance. :::

Step 1:

Select the Sproket icon at the bottom left of your SharePoint homepage.

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Step 2:

Select “About”. This will show you your license count. Selecting “Manage Subscription” to go to the Sproket Portal.

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Step 3:

Scroll down to the Licensing section. Select the “Reset License Count” button. This should remove the error for the affected users.

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Note: This is a short-term fix. If you need to reset your license count regularly, you may need to purchase more licenses. {}