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Release Notes

4.7.4 (6th December 2020)


  • Custom Header not always displayed for users with read only permissions
  • Click a Checklist item within the Checklist web part may not display the checkbox on page
  • Documenets & List web parts group by bug - issue with columns with an underscore

4.7.3 (10th November 2020)


  • Export ‘Reading Lists’ compliance to excel


  • Peoplehub fix apostrophe in account name
  • Category label on Location Finder webpart
  • Move ‘View Location Details’ link in Location Finder webpart
  • Sproket Settings Permissions Issue
  • Table of Contents Web Part not working
  • White Backgrounds
  • Location Finder list not provisioning

4.7.0 (21st September 2020)


  • New Web Part! Alert Web Part
  • Send group email to filtered people hub list
  • Default Sproket Settings to Inherit = true by default
  • Readings Lists: Export to CSV


  • Unable to read full detail of column in Sproket List or Documents webpart
  • Knowledge Hub: Word Count showing was incorrectly showing zero
  • People Hub: account names with apostrophe causing errors
  • Custom Header: not loading when navigating away from certain pages

4.6.0 (11th September 2020)


  • New Web Part! Location Finder that displays all your office locations on a Google Map
  • Ability to hide/show Title in Sproket Documents and List web parts
  • People Hub: Accept search filter query strings
  • People Hub: Office column clickable to link to Location Finder
  • People Hub: Display Presence
  • Settings - Inherit CSS, JS & Analytics by default in associated sites within hub
  • List Item Properties Web Part: Multi choice delimeter changed from “:” to “, “

New Graph API permission approval required in order to display user presence within People Hub


  • SharePoint Classic Site Collection: Sproket Settings Showing
  • Recycle Bin page broken when using Custom Header
  • Document Webpart not displaying multi choice/lookup columns
  • My Read Checklist Web part: doesnt honour item limit
  • Steps Web part: Chevron - colour not primary
  • Web part header styles now match new SharePoint fluent update

4.5.3 (31st August 2020)


  • Knowledge Hub Tree - Target class changed to mainContent & adjusted injection approach to use a more reliable method as is MS frequently changing element names.

4.5.2 (15th August 2020)


  • Whats On web part to bring through calendars from other sites
  • Minor fixes noticed after Fluent upgrade.

4.5.1 (12th August 2020)


  • New Feature! Custom Header to completely change and control the display of SharePoint’s header. Logo, Navigation, Colours, Background Images, CSS, Javascript, Google Analytics.
  • New Feature!: Alerts bar - bring attention to really important information. Schedule & Unschedule with dates.
  • Image Carousel - control duration between each image transition
  • Upgrade to SPFx 1.11.0
  • Upgrade of core packages including Fabric/Fluent


  • Sproket Documents and Lists web parts not showing taxonomy options
  • People Hub Tab Styles were a little off after Microsoft updates
  • Rich Editor - maximum search property size of 2mb better handled.
  • Sproket Settings Button Hidden on error and change of default target class

4.4.3 (22nd July 2020)


  • Whats Up - allow multiple filters

4.4.2 (15th July 2020)


  • Issue adding SharePoint internal Urls to App Launcher


  • Rich Editor Min Height & Table Widths 100%
  • Update People Hub to have 4 columns on 1440px resolution

4.4.1 (6th July 2020)


  • Rich Text Editor: Content not indexed by SharePoint search crawler
  • Image Gallery & Image Carousel doesn’t show all document libraries in site

4.4.0 (2nd July 2020)



  • Issue adding SharePoint internal Urls to App Launcher
  • My Teams: API Throttling issue & performance
  • issue copying link from Knowledge hub page

4.3.2 (23rd June 2020)


  • When in the Knowledge Base all links make stop working until you refresh the page.

4.3.1 (1st June 2020)


  • Internet Explorer 11 fixes
  • Heading 2 bigger than heading 1
  • AppLauncher - now uses an image library to make uploading icons easier
  • Sproket document web part fixes


  • New Feature!: Reading Lists
  • New Web Part!:My Reading List web part
  • New Feature!: Sproket settings button on all pages for easy configuration
  • Knowledge Hub tree performance enhancements
  • Rich Editor Enhancements
  • Whats on web part enhancements
  • Reduced installation package files to two
  • Licensing implemented
  • Portal to manage subscription

Sproket is now packaged into two files which are both required to be deployed to the app catalog - sproket-365 & sproket-libraries. The libraries houses all the shared code. Sharing the code like this provides significant performance enhancements by removing the need to download and process duplicated code. Knowledge Hub is now enabled via the new Sproket settings panel.

4.2.6 (18th May 2020)


  • Enter key doesn’t work in existing Rich Text Editor Web part
  • Rich Text Editor - Hyperlinks applied to headings being lost

4.2.5 (7th May 2020)


  • Sproket document webpart issues - icons not always displaying
  • Whats on webpart enhancements - calendar icons dont match theme & command bar switch added
  • Headings in Sproket Rich Text Editor doesnt create working anchor tags

4.2.4 (1st May 2020)


  • Knowledge Hub not loading again for read only users
  • Knowledge Hub working within IE
  • Upgraded SPFX framework to 1.10.0
  • Whats Up - birthdays webpart not allowing office filters

4.2.3 (29th April 2020)


  • Left Tree not loading in IE11
  • Left Tree not loading if user only has read access to site

4.2.2 (23rd April 2020)


  • When using the Sproket - List or Sproket - Documents webparts, querying the Site Pages library wont link to the page, it will link to the display form.

4.2.1 (16th April 2020)


  • When deleting a page in the Knowledge Hub the deleted page doesn’t go to recycle bin.
  • Sproket buttons don’t always open in a new tab even the settings specifies so.

4.2.0 (31st March 2020)

This release was a stability to release.

Steps Web Part (Previously Project Milestones)

Updates have been made to the ‘Steps’ web part which was previously known as the project milestones web part. The name was changed to broaden the potential use of this web part from just projects to be anything that has a sequence of steps.

Key enhancements:

  • The steps web part can can now be displayed horizontally as well as vertically.
  • Each step is now clickable to a link defined.
  • You can use a task list as the data source rather than editing the page with manual entries.
  • Styles now reflect your sites theme

Performance Enhancements & Packaging

Sproket now has three package files which are required to be deployed to the app catalog - sproket-webparts, sproket-knowledgehub & sproket-libraries. The libraries webpart is the new addition as it houses all the shared code of both the webparts and the knowledge hub. Sharing the code like this enables significant performance enhancements by removing the need to download and process duplicated code.


After our first release of version 4 we identified bugs which have been resolved in this release. Most of these bugs were relating to Internet Explorer 11 users.

4.0.0 (12th April 2020)

Version 4 is the first major release of Sproket to supercharge your intranet. Previous versions of Sproket were targeted towards SharePoint Classic and operating in a hybrid mode when SharePoint Modern experiences were displayed. Version 4 is entirely targeted to SharePoint Modern and Office 365.

Steps Web Part

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