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Reading Lists


Reading Lists enable site administrators and users to manage the list of pages to be read. You can access Reading Lists by clicking the fries menu icon () available at the bottom left. Upon clicking this icon, the Configuration popup is displayed. Click the Reading Lists tab to access Reading Lists section.


  • Create and manage Reading Lists
  • Issue pages to Reading Lists
  • Create assignments and assign to users/user groups
  • Manage list permissions
  • Track assignment compliance
  • Export date to Excel

Creating Reading Lists

Perform the following procedure to create a Reading List:

  1. From Reading List tab of Configuration popup, click icon. The New Reading List form is displayed.
  2. Enter a name for the Reading List in the Reading List Name field.
  3. Select the check boxes adjacent to the pages you want to add to the Reading List.
    Use the Filter by Title option to search for a page.
  4. Click Save button to save the Reading List.
    From the list of existing Reading Lists, you can click icon to update the details.

Managing Assignments

To create assign Reading List to users or user groups, perform the following procedure:

  1. From the list of existing Reading Lists, click the icon, adjacent to the Reading List you want to assign.
    The Assignments page is displayed.
  2. Click the icon.
  3. In the Assignment Name field, enter a name for the assignment.
  4. Select the Audience Type as Users or Users & Groups.
  5. In the Audience field, enter a keyword and select the User or User Group.

    You can assign the the Reading List to multiple users or user groups simultaneously. {:.note}

  6. Click Save button to save the Reading List.

Monitoring Compliance

After assigning the Reading Lists to users/user groups, you can click icon to monitor progress and completion status. This option is available in the following sections:

  • Reading Lists
  • Assignments
  • Edit Assignment

Along with the Users list, the Compliance section uses a pie chart to depict the completion status.