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Create an App Catalog

If you have not installed a SharePoint app before, you may find that your tenant doesnt have an ‘App Catalog’. So before you can install Sproket you must first create an App Catalog. Follow along with the video or steps below before Installing Sproket.

Step 1

Open your SharePoint Admin Center or navigate to

App Catalog

Step 2

From the left navigation, click “Apps”.

App Catalog

Step 3

Select “App Catalog”.

App Catalog

Step 4

On the app catalog page, you have an option to create new app catalog or you can use the existing app catalog. Here, we chose to create a new app catalog site.

App Catalog

Step 5

After selecting to create a new app catalog site click “OK” to proceed. You will navigate to create an app catalog site collection page.

App Catalog

Step 6

On this page, provide Title, Web Site Address, Administrator and Server Resource Quota, as shown below.

App Catalog

Step 7

Click “OK” to create the new site collection.

App Catalog

Your app catalog site will commence creating.

Note: This may take 5 - 10 minutes to fully complete.

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