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Issues when upgrading from Sproket v2.7+ to Modern Sproket

Sproket v2.7 and higher contained a Modern Header that conflicts with the v4+ Header. In a tenant-wide modern deployment, the v2 modern header must be removed, or you will experience unreliable and unstable navigation in your intranet. To resolve this, you'll need to archive and remove the v2.7 application customizer from your site collection.


One you've followed the removal process, modern lists & libraries will no longer have the site collection's visual style applied to their header. To apply this visual style, you'll need to set the list or library to classic view, or migrate your intranet to a modern site. Sproket v4 does not support classic publishing sites.

Removing the sproket.sppkg file from a classic install

  1. Open your classic sproket intranet, and go to Settings Cog -> Site Contents
  2. Find 'Apps for SharePoint', and open it
  3. Find 'sproket.sppkg', and use the context menu to download it, then delete it
  4. Open your site contents again, and go to Site Assets
  5. Upload the sproket.sppkg file to Site Assets

Bringing back the old header

Do not attempt to re-upload the archived sppkg file to any app catalog without support.

If you'd rather recover the previous setting, ensure you have the original header sppkg file stored in your SiteAssets folder (or retrieve it from the recycle bin), and contact